Glade autumn Bokeh floral background illustration about Graphics Botany


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Glade autumn Bokeh floral background illustration about Graphics Botany.
Pertaining to wim harwig Bokeh Definitely find it attention-grabbing how other medication is using bokeh in their portraits. More and more Now i am using DOF and bokeh in my portraits to express some form of "feeling". A good example is the feeling I do have with Slip..... then I interested in the typical autumn-colours in the background which has a naked reach without any merely within the The regular... Come across more within Bokeh

This vector contains the following main colors: White,Lemon Chiffon,Pink,Whiskey,Pine Glade
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Glade wiki:
ade can mean:Glade, a well-known brand of air freshener products owned by SC Johnson Company. Glade Interface Designer, a GUI designer for GTK+ and GNOME.The Glade, an annual electronic dance music festival in England.The Glade, a hunting magazine published in London.Glade, a city located in Phillips County, Kansas.Glade Township, a township located in Warren County, Pennsylvania.Glades County, a county located in south central Florida.An geographical term for an open area in woodland; synonym for "clearing." See more at

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