pattern with Lions Vectors over yellow background


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pattern with Lions Vectors over yellow background.

This vector resource includes the following elements:

Brave,Emblem,Fight,Game,Gaming,Insignia,King,Knight,Lion,Lion vector,Lions,Logo,Medieval,Old,Price,Royal,Vectors


This vector contains the following main colors: Pale Canary,Lemon Chiffon,Laser Lemon,Black,Pine Glade,Hampton,Yellow
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Brave wiki:
[o:Possessing couragea 1988 album named Brave by Kate Ceberano.a 1994 album named Brave by Marillion.the English name for the Yuusha toy and anime franchise. See more at]

lion wiki:
>"Lions" redirects here. For the album by the Black Crowes, see Lions (album). The Lion (Panthera leo) is a mammal of the family Felidae. The male lion, easily recognized by his mane, may weigh up to 250 kg (550 lb). Females are much smaller, weighing up to 136 kg (300 lb). In the wild lions live for around 10–14 years, while in captivity they can live over 20. Lions are predatory carnivores who live in family groups, called prides. The family consists of related females, their cubs of both sexes, and one or more unrelated males who mate with the adult females. Although it was once thought that females did most of the hunting in the pride, it is now known that males contribute much more to hunting than the amount for which they had been previously given credit. Both males and females will defend the pride against outside intruders. Typically, males will not tolerate outside males, and females will not tolerate outside females. Males are expelled from the pride or leave on their own when they reach maturity. When or if a male coalition takes over a pride and ousts the previous coalition, the conquerors often kill any cubs that they did not father. See more at

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