Sandhill Crane Bird in shallow waters about National Audubon Society Great Egret


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Sandhill Crane Bird in shallow waters about National Audubon Society Great Egret.
Greater selections using Sunday's appointment the Orlando, fl Wetlands Dog park on a dismally gray in addition to overcast snack for a Pelican Island Audubon Society and / or trip directed by Dorrie Goff in addition to Susan Boyd. Pied-billed Grebe Blue-winged Teal Great Egret Great A majority of these Heron Black-Bellied Whistling-Ducks Sandhill Crane Green Ibis (juvenile) Little A majority of these Heron... See great deal that Orlando, fl Wetlands Hen Portraits

This vector contains the following main colors: Costa Del Sol,Mine Shaft,Sycamore,Gurkha,Cape Palliser
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Sandhill Crane wiki:
l crane (Grus canadensis) is a large crane.Adults are grey; they have a red crown, white cheeks and a long dark pointed bill. They have long dark legs which trail behind in flight and a long neck that is kept straight in flight. Immature birds do not have a red crown; they have reddish brown upperparts and grey underparts. Adult cranes can reach four feet in height and weigh five to eight pounds, with a wing span of up to six feet. Both sexes look alike. See more at

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