no taper barrel type renderings template original for product cover design


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no taper barrel type renderings template original for product cover design.

This PSD resource includes the following elements:


This vector contains the following main colors: Black,Deep Teal,Black Rock,Midnight Blue,Blue Stone


    Label Paint Template Type Package Barrel Barrels Renderings Stratified Taper Black Deep Teal Black Rock Midnight Blue Blue Stone

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Label wiki:
>For other uses of the term label see: Label (disambiguation) A label is any kind of tag attached with adhesive to something so as to identify the object or its contents. Labels come in many forms and can be differentiated by the type of base material, called stock, that they are printed on, and by the adhesive type that they use. The most common type is made with a paper stock and a colloquial term for it is a sticker. Labels have many uses, from product identification to name tags. See more at

Paint wiki:
>For other uses, see Paint (disambiguation).For information on the U.S. borough, see Paint, Pennsylvania.Paint is the general term for a family of products used to protect and add color to an object or surface by covering it with a pigmented coating. As a verb, painting is the application of paint. One who paints is called a painter.Paint is very common and is applied to almost every kind of object. It is a method of producing art, an industrial coating, a driving aid (lane markings), a preservative (rust-prone steel auto bodies), on interior walls, on exterior surfaces exposed to weather and has a myriad of other uses. See more at

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