album cover and tooltip with blue background


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album cover and tooltip with blue background.

This PSD resource includes the following elements:


This vector contains the following main colors: Jacarta,Azure,White,Celeste,Christalle


    Music Cover Album Tooltip Jacarta Azure White Celeste Christalle

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Music wiki:
>For other uses, see Music (disambiguation). Music is a natural intuitive phenomenon operating in the three worlds of time, pitch, energy, and under the three distinct and interrelated organization structures of rhythm, harmony, and melody. Since the music phenomenon is natural and intuitive, humans can also virtually perform and hear music in their minds, without even learning or understanding it.Traditionally, one of the major difficulties in defining music has been to use the word to try to describe all activities and things related to music and/or sound. For example, scores only become music through performance(s), or when (recorded) performances are replayed. See more at

Cover wiki:
[ract term generally meaning giving closure and protection, and has several uses:a cover can be a lid or seal, usually one that completely closes the objectCover (telecommunications), a communications concealment techniqueCover (philately), generic term for envelope or packageCover (law), a remedy for the breach of a contract for the receipt of goods.Cover version, a new version of a previously recorded songCover band, a musical band that plays only cover versionsCover (topology), the mathematical concept of a collection of subsets of a set whose union is the whole setCover (unit), an area approximately equal to 2698 square metresCover (military), a form of protection in combatCover (intelligence), the purported occupation or purpose of an agent. See more at]

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