europe frame and the united states collage style with metal border


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europe frame and the united states collage style with metal border.
Digital photo collages are all the rage now, but I still love to have some real photo collages in my home. They showcase our precious memories and share them with our friends and loved ones. I enjoy the creative process of filling a photo collage, experimenting with cropping and zooming, black and white, and the many other options we have... See more that Photo Collage Frames

This vector contains the following main colors: Celeste,White,Pink,Pine Glade,Puce
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frame wiki:
e or framework is a structural skeleton, which supports the other components of the object. It is used in this basic sense in art, construction, and mechanical engineering, and the expression 'frame' for art, a picture frame is a solid border around a picture or paintinga space frame in constructiona beehive framein mechanical engineering, a bicycle frame, for instanceframes are often called after a shape they resemble, e.g. an A-frame, often used as a caning -, whipping - or flogging frame, used for securing the victim of physical punishment (either standing with his hands tied where the side bars meet above him, or to bend over the shorter cross-bar) See more at

europe wiki:
>This article is about the continent. For other meanings, see Europe (disambiguation). Europe is geologically and geographically a peninsula or subcontinent, forming the westernmost part of Eurasia. It is conventionally considered a continent, which, in this case, is more of a cultural distinction than a geographic one. It is bounded to the north by the Arctic Ocean, to the west by the Atlantic Ocean, to the south by the Mediterranean Sea, and to the east its boundary is culturally determined and unclear. However, the Ural mountains are considered by most authorities to be a geographical and tectonic landmark separating Europe and Asia. See more at

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