pirate flag stede bonnet with dark background clip art


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pirate flag stede bonnet with dark background clip art.

This vector contains the following main colors: Black,White,Celeste,Mine Shaft,Ironside Gray
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Flag wiki:
>For the symbolic colored cloth, see Flag. FLAG is the background organisation for Knight Rider's heroes Michael Knight and KITT, the AI Trans Am.FLAG, or Foundation for Law And Government is a crime-fighting organisation, founded by Wilton Knight. FLAG's main pourpose is to fight against "criminals who operate above the law". After Wilton Knight died, Devon Miles continued his work.In the original scripts, FLAG was to be called Foundation for Law And Justice, but it was later re-christined for a better acronym. See more at Wikipedia.org...

Pirate wiki:
>This article is about sea pirates. For other uses see Pirate (disambiguation) A pirate is one who robs, pillages, or plunders at sea, or sometimes the shore, without a commission from a recognized sovereign nation. Pirates usually target other ships, but have also attacked targets on shore. While piracy in popular conception conjures up the romantic imagery of fictionalized tales of Caribbean pirates in the 17th century, piracy persists in the world today. Unlike the stereotypical pirate with cutlass and masted sailing ship, today most pirates get about in speedboats wearing balaclavas instead of bandannas, using AK-47s rather than cutlasses. See more at Wikipedia.org...

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