skulls with orange wings graphics over grey background


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skulls with orange wings graphics over grey background.

This vector resource includes the following elements:


This vector contains the following main colors: Mine Shaft,Ironside Gray,White,Neon Carrot,Buccaneer


    Arrow Skull Halloween Human Pirate Head Danger Dead Scary Death Skulls Horror Beware Dangerous Evil Horrible Piracy Poison Mine Shaft Ironside Gray White Neon Carrot Buccaneer

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Arrow wiki:
>For other uses, see Arrow (disambiguation). An arrow is a pointed projectile that is shot with a bow. It predates recorded history and is common to most cultures. An arrow consists of a long and thin shaft made formerly of wood and now also from aluminium or carbon fiber composite. It is pointed or armed with an arrowhead at one end and with a nock or notch in the other. Arrowheads fit hunting and military purpose better than a mere point, which is mostly useful for target-shooting. Near the notch end are vanes which keep the arrow pointed in the direction of travel. There are often three vanes but many fletchings have four or even more. They were originally made from feathers but are now often made of plastic. See more at

Skull wiki:
l, or cranium, is a bony structure of Craniates which serves as the general framework for a head. The skull supports the structures of the face and protects the brain against injury. See more at

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