pumpkin hat of halloween with grey background


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pumpkin hat of halloween with grey background.

This vector resource includes the following elements:


This vector contains the following main colors: Piper,Celeste,Mountain Mist,Nugget,Ironside Gray


    Food Autumn Face Hat Halloween Candle Flame Ghost Funny Holidays Pumpkin Lantern Witch Fear Horror Anger Carving Evil Jack Piper Celeste Mountain Mist Nugget Ironside Gray

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pumpkin wiki:
pkin is a gourd (Cucurbitaceae), most commonly orange in colour when ripe, that grows as a fruit from a trailing vine of the genus Cucurbita. Cultivated in North America, continental Europe, as well as in English cottage gardens, Cucurbita varieties include Curcurbita pepo, Cucurbita maxima, Cucurbita mixta, or Cucurbita moschata — all plants native to the Western hemisphere. The pumpkin varies greatly in form, being sometimes nearly globular, but more generally oblong or ovoid in shape. The rind is smooth and very variable in colour. The larger kinds acquire a weight of 40 to 80 lb (18 to 36 kg) but smaller varieties are in vogue for garden culture. Pumpkins are a popular food, with their innards commonly eaten cooked and served in dishes such as pumpkin pie. Pumpkins are traditionally used to carve Jack-o'-lanterns for use as part of Halloween celebrations. See more at Wikipedia.org...

hat wiki:
[hat can stand forHelp authoring toolhistone acetyltransferaseHuman African Trypanosomiasis See also: hat See more at Wikipedia.org...]

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