halloween pumpkin banners set with castle night sky background


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halloween pumpkin banners set with castle night sky background.

This vector resource includes the following elements:

Paper,House,Banners,Trees,Halloween,Bat,Pumpkin,Fine,Crimping,Haunted,Haunted house,Moonlight

This vector contains the following main colors: Black,White,Peach Orange,Mine Shaft,Pine Glade


    Paper House Banners Trees Halloween Bat Pumpkin Fine Crimping Haunted Haunted house Moonlight Black White Peach Orange Mine Shaft Pine Glade

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castle wiki:
>The article describes the fortified building. See also castle (disambiguation) A castle (from the Latin castellum, diminutive of castra, a military camp, in turn the plural of castrum or watchpost), is a fort, a camp and the logical development of a fortified enclosure. The term is most often applied to a small self-contained fortress, usually of the Middle Ages, though traditionally in Britain it has also referred to prehistoric earthworks (e.g. Hollingbury Castle, Maiden Castle). "Castle" sometimes denotes citadels (such as the castles of Badajoz and Burgos) or small detached forts d'arrêt in modern times. In Spain, a fortified dwelling on a height for the administering authority retains its Moorish name of alcázar (see illustration, right). See more at Wikipedia.org...

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