2 skeleton trees material with grey style


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2 skeleton trees material with grey style.
WHITE MAN: There are trees of course, and those with the best shade are hotly contested for. Acacia erioloba, known as Giraffe Thorn or as Camel Thorn (a mistranslation from the Afrikaans name "Kameeldoring", meaning Giraffe Thorn), grows in western Namibia. It is a slow-growing tree, and doesn't need much water. Click to view slideshow. See more that Namibian Trees

This vector contains the following main colors: White,Black,Celeste,Mine Shaft,Ironside Gray


    Tree Gardens Biology Dendrology Botany Coloring book Oak Plants Trees Skeleton White Black Celeste Mine Shaft Ironside Gray

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Skeleton wiki:
>For other uses, see Skeleton (disambiguation). In biology, the skeleton or skeletal system is the biological system providing support in living organisms. (By extension, non-biological outline structures such as gantries or buildings may also acquire skeletons.)Skeletal systems are commonly divided into three types - external (an exoskeleton), internal (an endoskeleton), and fluid based (a hydrostatic skeleton), though hydrostatic skeletal systems may be classified separately from the other two since they lack hardened support structures. Large external skeletal systems support proportionally less weight than endoskeletons of the same size, and thus many larger animals, such as the vertebrates, have internal skeletal systems. Examples of exoskeletons are found in arthropods, shellfish, and some insects: the skeleton forms a hard shell-like covering protecting the internal organs. See more at Wikipedia.org...

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