Snowman house Art with snow about moon night Landscape sketch


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Snowman house Art with snow about moon night Landscape sketch.

This vector resource includes the following elements:


This vector contains the following main colors: Deep Teal,White,Fun Green,Puce,Jacarta


    Snowman Art Landscape United States Snow sculpture Snow Visual Arts Shopping House Winter Pine Acarena Deep Teal White Fun Green Puce Jacarta

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House wiki:
>For other meanings of the word "house", see House (disambiguation). A house in its most general sense is a human-built dwelling with enclosing walls, a floor, and a roof. It provides shelter against precipitation, wind, heat, cold and intruding humans and animals. When occupied as a routine dwelling for humans, a house is called a home (though animals may often live in the house as well, both domestic pets and "unauthorised" animals such as mice living in the walls). People may be away from home most of the day for work and recreation, but typically are home at least for sleeping. See more at

Snow wiki:
>For other uses, see Snow (disambiguation). Snow is precipitation in the form of crystalline water ice, consisting of a multitude of snowflakes. Since it is composed of small rough particles it is a granular material. It has an open and therefore soft structure, unless packed by external pressure. Snow is commonly formed when water vapor undergoes deposition high in the atmosphere at a temperature of less than 0°C (32°F), and then falls to the ground. Snow can be also manufactured using snow cannons, which actually create tiny granules more like soft hail. (This is sometimes called "grits" by those in the southern U.S. for its likeness to the texture of the food.) See more at

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