Origami of Paper the day origami about cover Art


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Origami of Paper the day origami about cover Art.

This vector resource includes the following elements:

Origami,New year,Freebie

This vector contains the following main colors: White,Curious Blue,Celeste,Mine Shaft,Onahau


    Origami Paper Art Crafts Traditional Japan Asia Arts and Entertainment New year Freebie White Curious Blue Celeste Mine Shaft Onahau

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Origami wiki:
ami (折り紙 or 折紙 origami "paper folding") is the art of Japanese paper folding. The word literally means "paper folding" in Japanese and refers to all types of paper folding, even those of non-Japanese origin.Origami only uses a small number of different folds, but they can be combined in a variety of ways to make intricate designs. In general, these designs begin with a square sheet of paper, whose sides may be different colors, and proceed without cutting the paper. Contrary to most popular belief, traditional Japanese origami, which has been practiced since the Edo era (1603-1867), has often been less strict about these conventions, sometimes cutting the paper during the creation of the design (Kirigami 切り紙) or starting with a rectangular, circular, or other non-square sheets of paper. See more at Wikipedia.org...

New year wiki:
e deals with the annual event. For the band, see The New Year.The New Year is an event that happens when a culture celebrates the end of one year and the beginning of the next. Cultures that measure yearly calendars all have New Year celebrations. See more at Wikipedia.org...

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