New Year Holidays year sparkler about Sparkler blue background


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New Year Holidays year sparkler about Sparkler blue background.

This vector resource includes the following elements:

New year,Celebration,Holidays,Sparkler,Sparks

This vector contains the following main colors: Deep Teal,Black,Mine Shaft,Black Rock,Killarney
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New year wiki:
e deals with the annual event. For the band, see The New Year.The New Year is an event that happens when a culture celebrates the end of one year and the beginning of the next. Cultures that measure yearly calendars all have New Year celebrations. See more at

Celebration wiki:
ebration" has several meanings:See celebration for a joyous event or party. Celebration, Florida, USA is the name of a master-planned community, near Walt Disney World, which was developed by The Walt Disney Company.The Celebration is a 1998 movie by Thomas Vinterberg in Danish titled "Festen".Celebration is a 1969 avante-garde work of musical theater by Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones.Celebration is a painting by Tyeb Mehta See more at

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