ornamented frame banner with white swirls


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ornamented frame banner with white swirls.

This vector resource includes the following elements:

Frame,Pattern,Silhouette,Ornament,Decoration,Border,Swirl,Ornaments,Curve,White,Empty,Ornamented,Ornaments decoration

This vector contains the following main colors: White,Viking,Aquamarine,Shamrock,Aquamarine
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Frame wiki:
e or framework is a structural skeleton, which supports the other components of the object. It is used in this basic sense in art, construction, and mechanical engineering, and the expression 'frame' for eyeglasses.in art, a picture frame is a solid border around a picture or paintinga space frame in constructiona beehive framein mechanical engineering, a bicycle frame, for instanceframes are often called after a shape they resemble, e.g. an A-frame, often used as a caning -, whipping - or flogging frame, used for securing the victim of physical punishment (either standing with his hands tied where the side bars meet above him, or to bend over the shorter cross-bar) See more at Wikipedia.org...

Pattern wiki:
[he martial arts related meaning of Pattern see Tae Kwon Do and Kata (Karate).A pattern is a form, template, or model (or, more abstractly, a set of rules) which can be used to make or to generate things or parts of a thing, especially if the things that are generated have enough in common for the underlying pattern to be inferred or discerned, in which case the things are said to exhibit the pattern. Pattern matching is the act of checking for the presence of the constituents of a pattern. The detection of underlying patterns is called pattern recognition. See more at Wikipedia.org...]

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