crystal lace pattern material with wood background


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crystal lace pattern material with wood background.

This PSD resource includes the following elements:

Frame,Flowers,Pattern,Lace,Female,Rectangle,Psd material,crystal

This vector contains the following main colors: Nutmeg Wood Finish,Oregon,Puce,Copper Rose,Buccaneer


    Frame crystal Flowers Pattern Lace Female Rectangle Psd material Nutmeg Wood Finish Oregon Puce Copper Rose Buccaneer

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Frame wiki:
e or framework is a structural skeleton, which supports the other components of the object. It is used in this basic sense in art, construction, and mechanical engineering, and the expression 'frame' for art, a picture frame is a solid border around a picture or paintinga space frame in constructiona beehive framein mechanical engineering, a bicycle frame, for instanceframes are often called after a shape they resemble, e.g. an A-frame, often used as a caning -, whipping - or flogging frame, used for securing the victim of physical punishment (either standing with his hands tied where the side bars meet above him, or to bend over the shorter cross-bar) See more at

crystal wiki:
>This article is about the form of solid matter. For other uses of this word, see Crystal (disambiguation). A crystal is a solid in which the constituent atoms, molecules, or ions are packed in a regularly ordered, repeating pattern extending in all three spatial dimensions.Generally, fluid substances form crystals when they undergo a process of solidification. Under ideal conditions, the result may be a single crystal, where all of the atoms in the solid fit into the same lattice or crystal structure but, generally, many crystals form simultaneously during solidification, leading to a polycrystalline solid. For example, most metals encountered in everyday life are polycrystals. Crystals are often symmetrically intergrown to form crystal twins. See more at

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