Graphics wavy Cascading Style Sheets stripes with stars and blurred dots about Border Radius Flowers


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Graphics wavy Cascading Style Sheets stripes with stars and blurred dots about Border Radius Flowers.
Reblogged from twenty-two Flowers: Catharanthus roseus regarded as a fleshy perennial growing to help 32 all the way through (80 cm) high. There are glossy, green, oval foliage (1-2 in. long) and simply flowers nearly all summer particularly long. Catharanthus Roseus flowers receive a wide variety of symbolism. One of its most ancient symbols features immortality; nonetheless , in more contemporary times these flowers generally... See other that Catharanthus Roseus(Periwinkle)

This vector contains the following main colors: Curious Blue,Danube,Azure,Bahama Blue,Periwinkle
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