elegant Golden ornament with butterfly over red background


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elegant Golden ornament with butterfly over red background.

This vector resource includes the following elements:

Butterfly,Free vector,Golden,Ornament,Ornaments,Red


This vector contains the following main colors: Lonestar,Chocolate,Red Berry,Whiskey,Cape Palliser,Piper,Nutmeg Wood Finish


    Butterfly Free vector Golden Ornament Ornaments Red Lonestar Chocolate Red Berry Whiskey Cape Palliser Piper Nutmeg Wood Finish

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Butterfly wiki:
>For other uses, see Butterfly (disambiguation). Superfamily Hesperioidea:HesperiidaeSuperfamily Papilionoidea:PapilionidaePieridaeNymphalidaeLycaenidaeRiodinidae A butterfly is a flying insect of the order Lepidoptera belonging to one of the superfamilies Hesperioidea (the skippers) and Papilionoidea (all other butterflies). Some authors would include also members of the superfamily Hedyloidea, the American butterfly moths. Many butterflies have striking colours and patterns on their wings. When touched by humans they tend to lose small numbers of scales, that look like a fine powder. If they lose too many scales the butterfly's ability to fly will be impaired. People who study or collect butterflies (or the closely related moths) are called lepidopterists. Butterfly watching is growing in popularity as a hobby. See more at Wikipedia.org...

Golden wiki:
den is the name of some places in North America :Golden, Colorado in United States of AmericaGolden, Missouri in United States of AmericaGolden, British Columbia in CanadaGolden is also a commonly used nickname for the Golden Retriever breed of dog. See more at Wikipedia.org...

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