brown Cat with sad expression


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brown Cat with sad expression.

This vector resource includes the following elements:



This vector contains the following main colors: White,Copper Rose,Pine Glade,Puce,Celeste,Cape Palliser,Mountain Mist,Hampton,Piper


    cat sad expression White Copper Rose Pine Glade Puce Celeste Cape Palliser Mountain Mist Hampton Piper

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cat wiki:
>See also Cat (disambiguation) The acronym CAT may stand for:Cable Avoidance ToolCalifornia Achievement TestCall Any TimeCalling All TroopsCamarillo Area TransitCambridge Antibody Technology, the UK biotechnology companyCanadian Association of TransplantationCanby Area Transit, a public transportation bus service in Canby, OregonCanine Agility TeamCapital Acquisitions TaxCapital Area TransitCapsule Ariane TechnologiesCarboxyatractylosideCarburetor Air TemperatureCasual American TeenagerCatalan languageCataloniaCatalunyaCatalystCatalytic ConverterCatamaranCatapultCataractCatastropheCatch Airboat ThievesCatechismCatenateCaterpillarCECOM Accreditation TeamCellular Action TeamCenter for Advanced TechnologiesCenter for Appropriate TransportCentral African TimeCentral Alaska TimeCentral Area Transit, the free bus transit system that running in Perth City.Central Arizona TrailsCentral Arkansas TransitCentral Artery-TunnelCentre for Alternative Technology, an eco-centre in WalesCertified Automotive TechnicianChange Agent TeamChannel Available TimeCharges, easy Access and fair TermsChemical Addition TankChicago Area TheatresChromatic Adaptation TransformCitizens Against TollsCitizens Area Transit, public transportation by bus in Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas)Citizens' Army TrainingCivic Action TeamCivil Air Transport, the airline forerunner of Air America that was formed after World War II by General Claire Lee Chennault of the Flying TigersCivil Aviation TribunalCivilian Augmented TrainingClear air turbulence, a term in aviationClemson Area TransitCloud Arrival TimeCockpit Automation TechnologyCognitive Ability TestCoital Alignment TechniqueCollaborative Access TeamCollege Ability TestCollege of Advanced TechnologyCombat AGE TeamCombat Aircraft TechnologyCombat Aircrew TrainingCombat Application TourniquetCombat Auto TheftCombined Acceptance TrialsCombined Arms TeamCombined Arms TrainingCommand Action TeamCommodity Action TeamCommon Admission Test, a graduate test in India, conducted by the Indian Institutes of Management or by Cochin University of Science and TechnologyCommon Aptitude TestCommon Authentication TechnologyCommunications Assist TeamCommunity Action TeamCompact Audio TechnologyCompetency Assessment ToolComplementary Angle TheoremCompliance Assessment TeamComponent Advanced TechnologyComputer-adaptive test, a type of test that dynamically adapts to the testee's ability levelComputer-aided tomographyComputer Aided Transceiver, a class of software application and communications interface used for the control of radio transmitting and receiving equipment, especially amateur (ham) radios.Computer-aided technologyComputer-aided trainingComputer-aided transcriptionComputer-aided translationComputer-assisted translation, a form of computer software used to help human translatorsComputed axial tomography, a tomographical X-ray techniqueCosmic Anisotropy Telescope, the first telescope to measure fine details in the fireball from the Big BangCulture, Art, & Technology, the core writing courses that all Sixth College UC San Diego students are required to take. See more at

sad wiki:
[o an emotional condition, the antonym of "happy". Sadness is often associated with depression, suffering or grief.SAD is a three letter acronym for multiple medical and psychological disorders:Schizoaffective disorderSeasonal Affective DisorderSexual Arousal DisorderSocial Anxiety Disorder.It is also the acronym for an Indian political party, the Shiromani Akali Dal. See more at]

expression wiki:
pression may refer to:(in the vernacular) the act or particular way of expressing something (including an emotion through a facial expression or configuration)(in mathematics) a mathematical expression(in computing) a programming language expression(in computing) a vector graphics software Microsoft Expression(in genetics) the effect produced by a gene: gene expression(in grammar) a particular phrase or cliché, whose meaning may be interpretive or idiomatic.(in psychology) the act of expressing emotions.(in industry) obtaining liquids from raw materials through the application of physical pressure See more at

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