Beautiful vintage animals painted by hand like peacock eagle sparrow owl etc


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Beautiful vintage animals painted by hand like peacock eagle sparrow owl etc.

This vector resource includes the following elements:

Classic,Classical,Crane,Cuckoo,Draft,Eagle,Hand,Hand painted,Handpainted,Line,Line draft,Painted,Peacock,Thing,Throat,Throat thing,Vintage,Vulture


This vector contains the following main colors: Lemon Chiffon,Chocolate,Pink,Gurkha,Pine Glade,Hampton,Cape Palliser,Nutmeg Wood Finish,Mountain Mist
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ay refer to,Bob Crane (1928-1978), American DJ and actor, played Hogan in the sitcom Hogan's HerosBrian Crane, creator of the Pickles comic stripCharles Crane, mayor of Honolulu 1938 to 1941Cranes (band) (formed 1980s), British goth rock bandCrane (bird), large long-necked birdsCrane (machine), industrial machinery for lifting etcCrane (martial arts), crane style martial artsCrane, in the philosophy of Daniel Dennett, a material process which dispenses with the need for extrinsic explanationsCrane Clan, of Samurai in the Legend of the Five Rings gamesCrane Fluid Systems, UK manufacturer of valves, fittings, etcCrane fly, family of insectsCrane Paper Company, supplier of paper for US banknotesCrane School of Music, in Potsdam, New YorkCrane, Indiana, small townCrane, Missouri, small cityCrane, Texas, small cityDarla Crane, porn starDody Crane, Canadian lawyer and New Democratic party candidateFrasier Crane, title character of the sitcom FrasierHart Crane (1899-1932), American poetIchabod Crane, protagonist in Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy HollowLouis Crane, quantum gravity theoristMatt Crane (born 1967), American actor, noted for his part in the soap opera Another WorldRoy Crane (1901-1977), American cartoonistPhil Crane (born 1930), American politician, long serving Republican member of the US House of Representitives Stephen Crane (1871-1900), American authorWilliam M. Crane (1776-1846), US naval officerWinthrop M. Crane (1853-1920), governor of Massachusetts and US senatorUSS Crane (DD-109), Wickes class destroyer, named after William M. CraneVincent Crane, co-founder of progressive rock group Atomic RoosterWalter Crane (1845-1915), English artist, part of the Arts and Crafts movement See more at

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[ext. This article is about the family of birds. For the card or board games sometimes known as "Cuckoo", see gnav. For the movie by Alexander Rogozhkin, see Cuckoo. The Cuculidae or cuckoos are a family of near passerine birds. Many of the Old World species are brood parasites, laying their eggs in the nests of other birds. The best-known example of these is the European Common Cuckoo. The chick which hatches from the egg laid in another species' nest methodically evicts all other occupants. See more at]

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