Atlantic Ocean atlantic Global warming ocean current united aberdeen states saint patrick church wit


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Atlantic Ocean atlantic Global warming ocean current united aberdeen states saint patrick church with blue sky and cloud background.
Around 55 million years ago, an abrupt global warming event triggered a highly corrosive deep-water current through the North Atlantic Ocean. The current's origin puzzled scientists for a decade, but an international team of researchers has now discovered how it formed and the findings may have implications for the carbon ... See more that Solving corrosive ocean mystery reveals future climate

This vector contains the following main colors: Science Blue,Mountain Mist,Periwinkle,Sinbad,Ironside Gray
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Blue wiki:
>For other uses, see Blue (disambiguation) Blue is one of the three primary additive colors; blue light has the shortest wavelength range (about 420-490 nanometers) of the three additive primary colors. The English language commonly uses "blue" to refer to any color from blue to cyan.An example of a blue color in the RGB color space has intensities [0, 0, 255] on a 0 to 255 scale. Blue is the complement of yellow. For this reason, blue 80A filters are used to correct for the excessive redness of tungsten lighting in color photography.Many languages do not have separate terms for blue and green, and in the Swedish language, blå, the modern word for blue, was used to describe black until the early 20th century. The modern English word blue comes from the Middle English, where it began to be used along with bleu, an Old French word of Germanic origin (possibly Old High German blao, "shining"). A Scots and Scottish English word for "blue" is blae, from the Middle English bla ("dark blue", from the Old English blæd). See more at

Green wiki:
>For other uses, see Green (disambiguation). Green is a color seen commonly in nature. Many plants are green mainly because of a complex chemical known as chlorophyll which is involved in photosynthesis.Green light has a wavelength of roughly 520–570 nm and is one of the additive primary colors. It is the complement of magenta. Many artists, however, continue to use a traditional color theory in which the complement of green is considered to be red.People who are red-green color blind can often distinguish between the two colors but confuse them with other colors, for example, bright green with yellow; dark green with brown. See more at

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