Wildlife Trusts horses Spain in the netherlands black about Grassland Agriculture


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Wildlife Trusts horses Spain in the netherlands black about Grassland Agriculture.
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This vector contains the following main colors: Ironside Gray,Gurkha,Costa Del Sol,Highland,Mountain Mist
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grassland wiki:
and is one of several types of terrestrial biomes, where grasses form the predominant vegetation, usually mixed with herbs and sometimes with shrubs, but usually without trees. Grasslands dotted with trees are called savanna.Grasslands usually get 250-750 mm (10-30 inches) of rainfall annually. Fires, natural and human-caused, are important in the maintenance of many grasslands.Grasslands may occur naturally or as the result of human activity. Grasslands created and maintained by human activity are called anthropogenic grasslands. Hunting peoples around the world often set regular fires to maintain and extend grasslands, and prevent fire-intolerant trees and shrubs from taking hold. The tallgrass prairies in the American Midwest may have been extended eastward into Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio by human agency. Other anthropogenic grasslands include pasture, where forest or shrublands were cleared to create land for intensive grazing. See more at Wikipedia.org...

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