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giraffes Biology zoo about Zoology Zoos and Aquariums animal family.
There is a zoo (or what they visit a "wildlife experience facility" about 5 to 10 minutes down the " from Natural. Moneys, meerkats, all kinds of extremely, ostrich, cheetah, giraffe... some year old Hanna was freaking out. Much this lemur was rather friendly. Cherished climbed around us to make friends. Smelled like murder, though. See far more that Strut 14

This vector contains the following main colors: White,Madras,Mine Shaft,Buccaneer,Black
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>This article is about the human domestic group. For other uses, see Family (disambiguation). A family is a domestic group of people, or a number of domestic groups, typically affiliated by birth or marriage, or by comparable legal relationships including domestic partnership, adoption, surname and in some cases ownership (as was the case in the Roman Empire). See more at

Giraffe wiki:
elopardalis) is an even-toed ungulate mammal, the tallest of all land living animal species. Males can be 4.8 to 5.5 metres (16 to 18 feet) tall and weigh up to 900 kilograms (2000 pounds). Females are generally slightly shorter and weigh less.Native to Africa, the Giraffe is related to deer and cattle, but is placed in a separate family, the Giraffidae, consisting only of the giraffe and its closest relative, the Okapi. The species name camelopardalis (camelopard) is derived its early Roman name, where it was described as having characteristics of both a camel and a leopard (and perhaps being a hybrid of the two)[1]. See more at

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