Gorilla gorillas Mountain gorilla at apenhaul about Democratic Republic of Congo Virunga Mountains


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Gorilla gorillas Mountain gorilla at apenhaul about Democratic Republic of Congo Virunga Mountains.
WISCONSIN (WITI) / The Milwaukee, wisconson County Jungle is very happy to announce you see, the birth of an actual western lowland gorilla who were born March nineteenth. The baby, branded Kassiu, lived to 13-year-old mother, Naku, and 27-year-old father, Cassius. This is the foremost offspring concerning both Naku and Cassius; and eurypterid care their staffs report dad and the baby are doing ideally. Learn more exactly who Western lowland gorilla who were born at Milwaukee, wisconson County Jungle

This vector contains the following main colors: Gurkha,Celeste,Mine Shaft,Highland,Mountain Mist
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