buttons switches with earth yellow color


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buttons switches with earth yellow color.

This vector contains the following main colors: White,Celeste,Pink,Lemon Chiffon,Pine Glade
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switch wiki:
>This article is about electrical switches. For other meanings of the word "switch", see Switch (disambiguation). A switch is a device for making or breaking an electric circuit, or for selecting between multiple circuits. In the simplest case, a switch has two pieces of metal called contacts that touch to make a circuit, and separate to break the circuit. The contact material is chosen for its resistance to corrosion, because most metals form insulating oxides that would prevent the switch from working. Sometimes the contacts are plated with noble metals. They may be designed to wipe against each other to clean off any contamination. Nonmetallic conductors, such as conductive plastic, are sometimes used. The moving part that applies the operating force to the contacts is called the actuator, and may be a toggle or dolly, a rocker, a push-button or any type of mechanical linkage (see photo). See more at Wikipedia.org...

Glade wiki:
ade can mean:Glade, a well-known brand of air freshener products owned by SC Johnson Company. Glade Interface Designer, a GUI designer for GTK+ and GNOME.The Glade, an annual electronic dance music festival in England.The Glade, a hunting magazine published in London.Glade, a city located in Phillips County, Kansas.Glade Township, a township located in Warren County, Pennsylvania.Glades County, a county located in south central Florida.An geographical term for an open area in woodland; synonym for "clearing." See more at Wikipedia.org...

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