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blue download buttons with light blue background.
Pop quiz: What buttons are seen more than 22 billion times every day, embedded on 7.5 million websites? Answer: the Facebook Like and Share buttons, according to new numbers released by the social network. And now these most widespread of online icons are both getting their first ever redesign See also: Facebook Being Sued Over Like Button The... See more that The Thumb Is Gone: Facebook Like Button Gets a Makeover

This vector contains the following main colors: Celeste,Cornflower,Sinbad,Danube,Periwinkle


    Facebook Button Like button Graphics Free Page Elements Web button Huffington Post Blue Buttons Celeste Cornflower Sinbad Danube Periwinkle

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Facebook wiki:
>The facebook for the English Wikipedia is Wikipedia:Facebook.For the college networking website previously known as thefacebook, see Facebook (website).A facebook is a book that is made up of photographs of individuals along with their names. Facebooks are often published at the start of the academic year by the administrations of colleges and universities, with the intention of helping students, faculty, and staff to get to know each other better. A facebook may be contrasted with a yearbook, which is traditionally published at the end of the academic year and usually includes details about various aspects of the preceding year, along with the sort of content one would find in a facebook. See more at

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