orange interactive elements like drop menu button


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orange interactive elements like drop menu button.

This vector contains the following main colors: Ironside Gray,Mountain Mist,White,Nugget,Red Stage
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button wiki:
>For other uses of the word button, see Button (disambiguation). A button is small disc- or knob-shaped object attached to cloth or an article of clothing. Buttons may be manufactured from an extremely broad variety of materials, including bone, ivory, metal, plastic, and wood. Buttons were first used by the Ancient Romans.The functional role of buttons is to fasten or cinch the openings of a garment. By sliding the button through a slit (the ) in the to which the first is to be held. The slit is only sufficiently wide to allow the button to be fully pushed through while still remaining stitched to the first piece of cloth. See more at

menu wiki:
>For other uses, see Menu (disambiguation). In a restaurant, a menu is the list of options for a diner to select. A menu may be a la carte or table d'hôte. The items that are available for the diner to choose from are broken down into various categorizes, depending on the time of day or the event. A breakfast menu usually has eggs, toast or fruits to help the diner have energy to start the day. Grain and protein are important as well. The lunch and dinner items are larger portions of food because one becomes hungrier later on in the day after using energy up. A Degustation menu however may combine elements from breakfast, lunch and dinner. See more at

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