sketchpad with the green rattan plants etc elements


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sketchpad with the green rattan plants etc elements .

This PSD resource includes the following elements:

Flowers,Green,Plant,Plants,Layered,Fine,Clear,Etc,Layered material,Rattan,Sketchpad

This vector contains the following main colors: Lemon Chiffon,Madras,Nutmeg Wood Finish,Mine Shaft,Black


    Flowers Green Plant Plants Layered Fine Clear Etc Layered material Rattan Sketchpad Lemon Chiffon Madras Nutmeg Wood Finish Mine Shaft Black

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Sketchpad wiki:
[chpad was a revolutionary computer program written by Ivan Sutherland in 1963 in the course of his PhD thesis. It helped change the way people interact with computers. Sketchpad is considered to be the ancestor of modern computer-aided drafting (CAD) programs as well as a major breakthrough in the development of computer graphics in general. Ivan Sutherland demonstrated with it that computer graphics could be utilized for both artistic and technical purposes in addition to showing a novel method of human-computer interaction. See more at]

Rattan wiki:
[tan (from the Malay rotan), is the name for the roughly six hundred species of the genera Calamus and Daemonorops used for furniture and baskets. While very similar to bamboo, rattan is distinct in that it is solid rather than hollow, and also in their need for some sort of support--while bamboo can grow on its own, rattan cannot. This makes it a potential tool in forest maintenance, since it provides a profitable crop that depends on rather than replaces trees. Whether it can be as profitable or useful as the alternatives, however, remains to be seen. See more at]

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