home fashion combined material with sofa lamp and green wall


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home fashion combined material with sofa lamp and green wall.

This PSD resource includes the following elements:

Fashion,Plant,Home,Table,Chair,Furniture,Sofa,Scene,Chandelier,Combined,Flowerpot,Folding,Potted,Side,Side table

This vector contains the following main colors: Olivine,Granny Smith Apple,Reef,Pine Glade,Mountain Mist
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Fashion wiki:
[erm fashion applies to a characteristic means of expression or presentation; fashions may follow trends, in which they gain or lose popularity. A fashion is also a design (as in a 'curious fashion') or a method (a 'cruel fashion')."Fashion" is also a verb meaning to make into a required form. See more at Wikipedia.org...]

Plant wiki:
>For other uses, see Plant (disambiguation). Land plants (embryophytes)Non-vascular plants (bryophytes)Marchantiophyta - liverwortsAnthocerotophyta - hornwortsBryophyta - mossesVascular plants (tracheophytes)Lycopodiophyta - clubmossesEquisetophyta - horsetailsPteridophyta - "true" fernsPsilotophyta - whisk fernsOphioglossophyta - adderstonguesSeed plants (spermatophytes)†Pteridospermatophyta - seed fernsPinophyta - conifersCycadophyta - cycadsGinkgophyta - ginkgoGnetophyta - gnetaeMagnoliophyta - flowering plants See more at Wikipedia.org...

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