dream spring background material in different color style


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dream spring background material in different color style.

This PSD resource includes the following elements:

Hand,Spring,Color,Watercolor,Dream,Hand painted,Painted,Layered,Hazy,Psd layered

This vector contains the following main colors: White,Lemon Chiffon,Pale Canary,Pink,Onahau


    Hand Spring Color Watercolor Dream Hand painted Painted Layered Hazy Psd layered White Lemon Chiffon Pale Canary Pink Onahau

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Hand wiki:
>For other uses, see Hand (disambiguation). The hand (med./lat.: manus) is the portion of the arm or anterior limb of a human or other primate, where the appendage terminates. This part of the limb is especially used in grasping and holding. Each hand is a mirror image of the other. See more at Wikipedia.org...

Spring wiki:
has several meanings: As commonly used:Spring (season), a season of the year.Spring (device), a common mechanical part.Spring (water), a natural source of water.As a place or location:Spring, Texas, a town in the United States.Springs, Gauteng, a city in South Africa.Springs, Western Australia, a place in Australia.Three Springs, Western Australia, another place in Australia.As a personal last name:Howard SpringSherwood C. SpringCecil Spring-Rice See more at Wikipedia.org...

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