Doraemon character Dora A Dream of vector material


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Doraemon character Dora A Dream of vector material.

This vector resource includes the following elements:



This vector contains the following main colors: White,Azure Radiance,Pacific Blue,Celeste,Mountain Mist


    Dora Doraemon Dream White Azure Radiance Pacific Blue Celeste Mountain Mist

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Dora wiki:
[o:A female nameAsteroid 668 Dora, namesake of the Dora family of asteroids.Croatian national preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest.The WW II concentration camp of Mittelbau-Dora.Dora Russell (1894 – 1986), hard-edged feminist and wife of the legendary philosopher Bertrand Russell.Dora Bakoyannis (born 1954), mayor of Athens, capital of Greece.Several geographic locations The city of Dora, AlabamaThe city of Dora, New MexicoLake Dora in Western AustraliaTwo Italian rivers, tributaries of the Po River, from the Celtic "duria", meaning waterThe Italian river Dora BalteaThe Italian river Dora RipariaDora, one of the two 80cm railway artillery pieces constructed by Germany during World War II. Dora the Explorer, an animated series for preschool-age children.Hurricane Dora, which was the first and last hurricane to hit Jacksonville, Florida.The Dora Awards for Canadian professional theatre See also: DORA, the Defence of the Realm Act, passed in Britain in August 1914. See more at]

Dream wiki:
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