costume book material in Chinese style


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costume book material in Chinese style.

This PSD resource includes the following elements:

Book,Chinese,Books,Old,Traditional,Classical,Arts,Bindings,Chinese traditional,Costume,Martial,Old books,Psd material

This vector contains the following main colors: Pine Glade,Peach Orange,White,Puce,Whiskey
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Book wiki:
>This page is about bound sheets of paper. For the graph theory concept, see Book (graph theory). For the musical theater meaning, see Book (musical theater). A book is a collection of leaves of paper, parchment or other material, bound together along one edge within covers. A book is also a literary work or a main division of such a work. A book produced in electronic format is known as an e-book. See more at

Chinese wiki:
[o anything pertaining to China, or:Chinese language, a Sino-Tibetan languageChinese people, people of Chinese ethnicityHan Chinese, the dominant ethnic group in China See more at]

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