beautiful swans material with black and white color


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beautiful swans material with black and white color.

This PSD resource includes the following elements:

Black,White,Fly,Transparent,Black swan,Psd material,Swan,Swans,Transparent png,White swan

This vector contains the following main colors: Copper Rose,Puce,Pine Glade,Gurkha,Mountain Mist


    Black White Fly Transparent Black swan Psd material Swan Swans Transparent png White swan Copper Rose Puce Pine Glade Gurkha Mountain Mist

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Black wiki:
>This article is about the color black; for other uses, see Black (disambiguation). Black is a color with several subtle differences in meaning. See more at

White wiki:
>For other uses, see White (disambiguation). White is a color (more accurately it contains all the colors of the visible spectrum and is sometimes described as an achromatic color—black is the absence of color) that has high brightness but zero hue. The impression of white light can be created by mixing (via a process called "additive mixing") appropriate intensities of the primary color spectrum: red, green and blue, but it must be noted that the illumination provided by this technique has significant differences from that produced by incandescence (see below). See more at

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