apple psd layered material in metal style


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apple psd layered material in metal style.

This PSD resource includes the following elements:

Texture,Metal,Glass,Effect,Plastic,Layered,Layered material,Led,Pvc,Rubber

This vector contains the following main colors: Celeste,Ironside Gray,Mountain Mist,Mine Shaft,Black


    Texture Metal Glass Effect Plastic Layered Layered material Led Pvc Rubber Celeste Ironside Gray Mountain Mist Mine Shaft Black

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Texture wiki:
ture is the properties held and sensations caused by the external surface of objects received through the sense of touch. Texture is sometimes used to describe the feel of non-tactile sensations. Texture can also be termed as a pattern that has been scaled down (especially in case of two dimensional non-tactile textures) where the individual elements that go on to make the pattern are not distinguishable. See more at

Metal wiki:
>For alternative meanings see metal (disambiguation). In chemistry, a metal (Greek: Metallon) is an element that readily forms ions (cations) and has metallic bonds, and metals are sometimes described as a lattice of positive ions (cations) in a cloud of electrons. The metals are one of the three groups of elements as distinguished by their ionisation and bonding properties, along with the metalloids and nonmetals. On the periodic table, a diagonal line drawn from boron (B) to polonium (Po) separates the metals from the nonmetals. Elements on this line are metalloids, sometimes called semi-metals; elements to the lower left are metals; elements to the upper right are nonmetals. See more at

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