T-Shirt template Chocolate t shirt design about halloween T-shirt style


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T-Shirt template Chocolate t shirt design about halloween T-shirt style.

This vector resource includes the following elements:

Template,Shirt,T shirt

This vector contains the following main colors: White,Black,Celeste,Chocolate,Mountain Mist


    Shirt Chocolate Shopping T-shirt Food Confectionery Design Home Template T shirt White Black Celeste Mountain Mist

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[emplate is some form of device to provide a separation of form or structure from content.In publishing for example, a template may be a predefined layout to give you an idea what to write where with boxes and lines; a single-page newsletter template (for instance), might have a few columns, space for a picture and gaps for the headline and name of the newsletter.Templates can be used by humans or by automated systems; many web-based software packages now use a templating system to separate the logic of the program from the displayed formatting. Typically, these templates will include variables (often denoted {VARIABLE} ), and possibly a few logical operators to allow better adaptability of the template. Examples of template engines are Cheetah, Smarty and XSL Transformations. See more at Wikipedia.org...]

Shirt wiki:
[ is a piece of clothing for the trunk of the body.In the UK, it refers most often to what Americans call a dress shirt or tailored shirt, i.e., a garment with a collar, cuffs, and a full vertical opening with buttons. In the US it tends to have a vaguer meaning, being applied to many types of (mainly men's) tops, leaving the word "top" generally for ladieswear. See more at Wikipedia.org...]

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