skull with wings illustration with dark background


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skull with wings illustration with dark background.

This vector resource includes the following elements:


This vector contains the following main colors: Mine Shaft,White,Black,Ironside Gray,Celeste
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>This article is about the shape and mathematical concept of circle; for other meanings, see Circle (disambiguation). In Euclidean geometry, a circle is the set of all points at a fixed distance, called the radius, from a fixed point, called the centre (center). The points can only be those that are part of a conic section; within the set of a plane bisecting a cone. Circles are simple closed curves, dividing the plane into an interior and exterior. Sometimes the word circle is used to mean the interior, with the circle itself called the circumference. Usually however, the circumference means the length of the circle, and the interior of the circle is called a disk or disc. See more at

Skull wiki:
l, or cranium, is a bony structure of Craniates which serves as the general framework for a head. The skull supports the structures of the face and protects the brain against injury. See more at

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