Skull dog Human skull about United States Thanksgiving


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Skull dog Human skull about United States Thanksgiving.

This vector resource includes the following elements:


This vector contains the following main colors: Black,Ironside Gray,Mine Shaft,Costa Del Sol,Madras
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Dog wiki:
all>Conservation status: Domesticated The dog is a canine mammal of the Order Carnivora that has been domesticated for at least 24,800 years and perhaps for as long as 150,000 years based on recent evidence. In this time, the dog has been developed into hundreds of breeds with a great degree of variation. For example, heights range from just a few inches (such as the Chihuahua) to nearly three feet (such as the Irish Wolfhound), and colors range from white to black with reds, grays, and browns also occurring in a tremendous variation of patterns. Dogs, like humans, are highly social animals and pack hunters; this similarity in their overall behavioral design accounts for their trainability, playfulness, and ability to fit into human households and social situations. Dogs fill a variety of roles in human society and are often trained as working dogs. For dogs that do not have traditional jobs, a wide range of dog sports provide the opportunity to exhibit their natural skills. In many countries, the most common and perhaps most important role of dogs is as companions. Dogs have lived with and worked with humans in so many roles that their loyalty has earned them the sobriquet "mans best friend." Conversely, some cultures consider dogs to be unclean. See more at

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l, or cranium, is a bony structure of Craniates which serves as the general framework for a head. The skull supports the structures of the face and protects the brain against injury. See more at

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