box production source 21 with red grids style


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box production source 21 with red grids style.

This vector contains the following main colors: White,Celeste,Lonestar,Black,Stiletto


    Shopping Sports Eskimo Gray wolf Laughter Celeste Jack Arts Box Production Source White Lonestar Black Stiletto

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Box wiki:
[icle is about the receptacle called a box. For other meanings see box (disambiguation).Boxes are highly variable receptacles. When no shape is described, a typical cuboid box may be expected. Nevertheless, a box may have a horizontal cross-section that is square, elongated, round or oval; sloped or domed top surfaces, or non-vertical sides. A box normally may be opened by raising, sliding or removing the lid, which may be hinged and/or fastened by a catch, hasp, or lock. Whatever its shape or purpose or the material of which it is fashioned, it is the direct descendant of the chest, one of the most ancient articles of domestic furniture. Its uses are innumerable, and the name, preceded by a qualifying adjective, has been given to many objects of artistic or antiquarian interest. See more at]

Production wiki:
>In microeconomics, production is the act of making things, in particular the act of making products that will be traded or sold national accounts and macro-economics, production is an activity by which transactors use inputs to produce outputs; more specifically, economic production is an activity carried out under the control and responsibility of a resident institutional unit that uses inputs of labor, capital, and goods and services (factors of production) to produce outputs of goods and services. See more at

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