alien characters material with green yellow background


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alien characters material with green yellow background.
Calabaza en Tacha or candied pumpkin is a traditional Mexican recipe from Veracruz made of pumpkin or winter squash, that's cooked in brown sugar cane syrup. As the pumpkin cooks in the sugar cane, it becomes sweet and tender, while taking on the color and taste of the syrup glaze. It is said that this recipe dates back to pre-Hispanic times in... See more that Candied pumpkin recipe (calabaza en tacha)

This vector contains the following main colors: White,Pear,Orange Peel,Tacha,Blaze Orange


    Pear Orange Cook Home Cream Ice cream Ginger Fruit and Vegetable Alien White Orange Peel Tacha Blaze Orange

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Alien wiki:
ien may mean:Extraterrestrial life, in both scientific and popular contextsAlien (law), a person who is neither a native nor a citizen of their country of residenceAlien (film) (1979), by Ridley Scott, which spawned several sequels:Aliens (film) (1986)AlienĂ‚Â³ (1992) (1997)Alien vs. Predator, a crossover with the Predator series of filmsAlien (biology), a non-native speciesAlien (computing), a program that converts between different Linux package distribution file formatsThe Aliens, Roky Erickson's backing band See more at

Orange,Cook wiki:
e Book is an informal name for a number of official publications, including:FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research - Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence EvaluationsTrusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria, a computer security standardHandbook of EBU Directives and Permitted ConventionsStandards relating to compact disc standards CD-MO, CD-R and CD-RW are in the Orange Books See more at

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