Supernova the SN 1572 trend of small monster icon material about Supernova remnant Star


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Supernova the SN 1572 trend of small monster icon material about Supernova remnant Star.

This vector resource includes the following elements:


This vector contains the following main colors: White,Celeste,Mountain Mist,Supernova,Mine Shaft
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Greek , eikon, "image") is an image, picture, or representation; it is a sign or likeness that stands for an object by signifying or representing it, or by analogy, as in semiotics; in computers an icon is a symbol on the monitor used to signify a command; by extension, icon is also used, particularly in modern popular culture, in the general sense of symbol — i.e. a name, face, picture or even a person readily recognized as having some well-known significance or embodying certain qualities. See more at

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>This article is about monsters as a kind of legendary creature. For other uses, see Monster (disambiguation). Monster is a term for any number of legendary creatures that frequently appear in mythology, legend, and horror fiction. The word originates from the medieval vulgar Latin verb monstrare (plural monstrum), which translates as either "to exhibit" or "to point out". See more at

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