gr decorative christmas tree arounded with presents box


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gr decorative christmas tree arounded with presents box .
All around the world, people are preparing to celebrate that Holiday of all holidays, Christmas. Like the siren call of myth, the lure of yuletide activity is almost impossible to resist. Even the Scrooges I've known, still, amidst their bah humbugs! usually join in the celebrations, one way or another. See more that, about that Christmas Tree?

This vector contains the following main colors:
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Christmas wiki:
[mas (literally, the Mass of Christ) is a holiday in the Christian calendar, usually observed on December 25, which celebrates the birth of Jesus. According to the Christian gospels, Jesus was born to Mary in Bethlehem, where she and her husband Joseph had traveled to register in the Roman census. Christ's birth, or nativity, was to fulfill the prophecies of Judaism that a messiah would come, from the house of David, to redeem the world from sin. Early Christians celebrated more the subsequent Epiphany, when the baby Jesus was visited by the Magi (and this is still a primary time for celebration in Spain). Efforts to assign a date for his birth, though better known from Writings from some centuries later, would have been important to all Christians then, no less than now. The precise chronology of Jesus' birth and death as well as the historicity of Jesus are still debated. See more at]

Tree wiki:
>This article is about the biological organisms known as trees. For other meanings of the word see tree (disambiguation). A tree can be defined as a large, perennial, woody plant. Though there is no set definition regarding minimum size, the term generally applies to plants at least 6 m (20 ft) high at maturity and, more importantly, having secondary branches supported on a single main stem or trunk (see shrub for comparison). Compared with most other plant forms, trees are long-lived. A few species of trees grow to 100 m tall, and some can live for several thousand years. See more at

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