Christmas santa Santa Claus clause clip art about Santa Clause Holidays


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Christmas santa Santa Claus clause clip art about Santa Clause Holidays.

This vector resource includes the following elements:


This vector contains the following main colors: Lonestar,White,Chocolate,Red Orange,Pink


    Christmas Santa Claus Santa Clause Holidays Tim Allen Barack Obama Graphics Clip Art Santa Clause Lonestar White Chocolate Red Orange Pink

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Santa wiki:
[a has several meanings:the shortened form of Santa Clausthe Spanish word for a female saint, as in Santa Ana (the masculine form is san or santo); the word has the same or similar spellings and meanings in several other Romance languagesin astronomy, Santa is a Kuiper belt object also known as 2003 EL61Santa, Ilocos Sur, a municipality in the PhilippinesSanta (film) a silent film of the Cinema of Mexico (1932) See more at]

Clause wiki:
ause is a group of words consisting of a subject and a predicate, although, in non-finite clauses, the subject is often not explicitly given. A clause is either a whole sentence or, in effect a sentence-within-a-sentence.Example:I didn't know that the dog ran through the yard.through the yard is not a clause, but a phrase, since it has no subject or verb.the dog ran through the yard is a clause; it is a whole sentence contained within a larger sentence. See more at

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