colorful stripes with businessman silhouette


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colorful stripes with businessman silhouette.

This vector resource includes the following elements:

Business,Texture,People,Template,Silhouette,Colorful,Office,Man,Grunge,Stripes,Businessman,Shape,Templates,Body,Young,Corporate,Formal,Dress,Success,Stage,Professional,Executive,Male,Walk,Portrait,Good,Royalty,Boys,Teenager,Adult,Attitude,Businessmen,Casual,Cheerful,Confident,Dress up,Expression,Gentleman,Good looking,Handsome,Impression,Lifestyle,Looking,Manager,Official,Performance,Personality,Standing,Up

This vector contains the following main colors: Peach Orange,Pale Canary,Persian Red,Black,Nugget
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stripe wiki:
>If you were redirected from striper you may have been looking for stripper. A stripe may be one of a pattern of areas created by a family of parallel lines, as on the flag of the United States, also known as the stars and stripesin a candy-stripe pattern, on a diagonal and twisted round a cylinder, as for a candy canea single painted or printed stripe, as a thin strip of material, as for example the magnetic stripe on a magnetic stripe carda service stripe awarded in the United States armed forcesa synonym for chevron as a mark of military rank, as in three-striperan animal marking, such as the zebra's, not assumed to be completely regulara wound or bruise caused by a whip.a british surname See more at

businessman wiki:
[ing software primarily for the macintosh.BusinessMaker was among the first in the world to develop WAN and multi-windowed accounting software.BusinessMaker was later merged with the HansaWorld group. See more at]

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