cocktail party drink over night background


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cocktail party drink over night background.

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    Party Wine Glass Drink Night Life Drinks Cocktail Bubbly Refreshment Shot Sparkling Tequila

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cocktail wiki:
>For the 1988 film starring Tom Cruise, see Cocktail (film) In general, a cocktail is a mix of several substances, usually liquids. This article describes the cocktail as a mixed drink, usually containing one or more distilled alcoholic beverages and perhaps non-alcoholic drinks, ice and sometimes liqueur, fruit, sauce, honey, milk or cream, spices, etc. The cocktail became popular during Prohibition in the United States; to mask the taste of bootlegged alcohol, the bartenders at a speakeasy would mix it with other liquors and non-alcoholic drinks. See more at

party wiki:
[y is a social gathering intended primarily for celebration and recreation. While having some things in common with religious and seasonal festivals, the term "party" usually denotes a smaller gathering for a personal, rather than cultural, occasion even when the occasion is simply that of enjoyment. See more at]

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