Easter Chick standing at side of flower circle Vector


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Easter Chick standing at side of flower circle Vector.

This vector resource includes the following elements:



This vector contains the following main colors: White,Yellow,Supernova,Azure,Patina,Turbo,Mountain Mist,Celeste,Science Blue,Pacific Blue


    Chick Easter White Yellow Supernova Azure Patina Turbo Mountain Mist Celeste Science Blue Pacific Blue

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Chick wiki:
ay be:A young bird (originally an abbreviation of chicken)A young girl or womanChick may also refer to:Chick flick, slang for a movie made for, or appealing primarily to, womenChick Publications, publishing company run by Jack ChickChick pea, an edible pulseDixie Chicks, a country music groupThe Hot Chick, a 2002 comedy film from Rob SchneiderChick could refer to the name of:Jack Chick (born 1924), who runs Chick PublicationsHarriette Chick (1875–1977), a British nutritionist See more at Wikipedia.org...

Easter wiki:
[er is the most important religious holiday of the Christian liturgical year, observed in March, April, or May to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, which Christians believe occurred after his death by crucifixion in AD 30-33 (see Good Friday). Easter can also refer to the season of the church year, lasting for fifty days, which follows this holiday and ends around Pentecost. (See Eastertide.) See more at Wikipedia.org...]

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