Cute and warm Heart Vectors with bear


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Cute and warm Heart Vectors with bear,including the following elements:
Apple,Bear,Cake,Candle,Card,Cartoon,Chocolate,Cute,Friends,Friendship,Fun,Heart,Hearts,Horizontal,Lingerie,Love,String,Tattoo,Teddy,Teddy bear,Underwear,Valentine,

This vector contains the following main colors: Lemon Chiffon,Peach Orange,Pink,Carnation Pink,Copper Rose,Carnation Pink,French Rose,Mountain Mist,Cape Palliser
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bear wiki:
>For other uses, see Bear (disambiguation). Ailuropoda Ursus Tremarctos Arctodus (extinct) A bear is a large mammal of the order Carnivora, family Ursidae. The adjective, ursine, is used to describe things of bearlike nature. See more at

heart wiki:
[ (Latin cor) is a hollow, muscular organ that pumps blood through the blood vessels by repeated, rhythmic contractions. The term cardiac means "related to the heart", from the Greek kardia (καρδια) for "heart". See more at]

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