Catarina Star clip art in top view


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Catarina Star clip art in top view.

This vector resource includes the following elements:



This vector contains the following main colors: White,Yellow,Supernova,Black,Rio Grande,Pear,Turbo,Spicy Mustard,Guardsman Red


    Star Catarina White Yellow Supernova Black Rio Grande Pear Turbo Spicy Mustard Guardsman Red

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Catarina wiki:
[arina may refer to:PlacesBrazilCatarina, CearáGuatemalaCatarina, San MarcosNicaraguaCatarina, Masaya See more at]

clip art wiki:
ip art, in the graphic arts, is the use of images either copied or physically cut (hence the term) from pre-existing printed works, either books that have entered the public domain, or books specifically published for such use (which, if they contain images that are not in the public domain, include a license fee in the cover price). It is also not uncommon for large organizations to provide their local divisions or chapters with clip art (either physical or electronic) of their logos, mascots, and so forth, in order that local publications may have a unified appearance. It is also rather common for those producing documents with limited distribution to use images from non-public-domain sources for which they have not paid license fees, such as coloring books, newspapers, magazines, and such, although some magazines, particularly those dealing with hobbies will publish images explicitly licensed to the magazine purchaser for use as clip art. See more at

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