Cartoon peace dove pair and roll with tree and water sun background


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Cartoon peace dove pair and roll with tree and water sun background.

This vector resource includes the following elements:



This vector contains the following main colors: Onahau,White,Peach Orange,Killarney,Celeste,Hampton,Dell,Atlantis,Limeade


    Dove Peace Roll Onahau White Peach Orange Killarney Celeste Hampton Dell Atlantis Limeade

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Dove wiki:
>For other uses, see Dove (disambiguation). Subfamily Columbinae Columba Streptopelia Macropygia Reinwardtoena Turacoena Turtur Oena Chalcophaps Henicophaps Phaps Ocyphaps Geophaps Petrophassa Geopelia Leucosarcia Zenaida Ectopistes (extinct) Columbina Claravis Metropelia Scardafella Uropelia Leptotila Geotrygon Starnoenas Caloenas Gallicolumba Trugon Microgoura (extinct?) Subfamily Otidiphabinae Otidiphaps Subfamily Gourinae Goura Subfamily Didunculinae Didunculus Subfamily Treroninae Phapitreron Treron Ptilinopus Drepanoptila Alectroenas Ducula Lopholaimus Hemiphaga Cryptophaps Gymnophaps See more at

Peace wiki:
[ of peace ranks among the most controversial in our time. Peace undoubtedly carries a positive connotation; almost nobody admits to opposing peace; world peace is widely seen as one of the most noble goals of humanity. Various groups, however, differ sharply about what peace entails, how best to achieve peace, and whether peace is even truly possible. See more at]

Roll wiki:
l has these meanings:A bread roll.A roll can refer to other foods; sausage roll, spring roll, egg roll.Something wrapped around a tube. e.g. toilet rollBank or roll, an aerobatic maneuver, also see flight dynamics.A heavy machine used in a steel mill.A register or catalogue, e.g. Electoral rollRoll, in the Mega Man series of video video and movie terminology, a roll is vertically moving text, as in credits rollThe human action to rollRolling one's feet, as in marching band, see glide stepalso see roller. See more at

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