bird stopping on a rainbow with a red splatter above it


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bird stopping on a rainbow with a red splatter above it.

This vector resource includes the following elements:

Elements,Gray,Green,Green icons,Grey,Icons,Illustrator,Interface,Simple,Simplistic


This vector contains the following main colors: Gun Powder,Cape Palliser


    Elements Gray Green Green icons Grey Icons Illustrator Interface Simple Simplistic Gun Powder Cape Palliser

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rainbow wiki:
>For other uses, see Rainbow (disambiguation). A rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon that causes a nearly continuous spectrum of light to appear in the sky when the sun shines onto falling rain. It is a multicoloured arc with red on the outside and violet on the inside. The full sequence of colours is most commonly cited as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, though it is important to note that this is an inconsistent list; all primary and secondary colours are present in some form, but only one tertiary. It is commonly thought that indigo was included due to the different religious connotations of the numbers six and seven at the time of Isaac Newton's work on light, despite its lack of scientific significance and the poor ability of humans to distinguish colours in the blue portion of the visual spectrum. See more at

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