snow Leopard front view about Mammalia Flora and Fauna


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snow Leopard front view about Mammalia Flora and Fauna.
Individuals amazing pictures show a group of crafty stinkbugs camouflaged in view. A bunch of adventurous flowers love to stay ahead of a crowd, yet , there are times when body fat deposits blend in even more too. "The snow leopard was previously incredibly challenging spot, essentially the most difficult pet dog I have which you could tried to pics, " he also said. See better that A leopard spotted, a particular tiger building his lashes or the elusive owls: The animal kingdom's masters associated disguise

This vector contains the following main colors: Ironside Gray,Mountain Mist,Mine Shaft,Celeste,Gurkha
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Snow leopard wiki:
arge cat native to the mountain ranges of central Asia. Until recently many taxonomists included the Snow Leopard in the genus Panthera with several of the other largest felids. It is not a true leopard.Weighing up to 75 kilograms, it can be distinguished from other similar species by its proportionately longer tail, which helps it maintain its balance on the often steep slopes of its mountainous environment, and is used to cover its nose and mouth in very cold conditions. The male's head is usually much squarer and wider than the female's. Its big furry feet act as snowshoes, like those of the Lynx. In summer they usually live above the tree-line on mountainous meadows and in rocky regions at an altitude of up to 6000 m. In winter they come down into the forests at an altitude of about 2000 m. They lead largely solitary lives. See more at

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